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Welcome to BOBSJAX, a dynamic community dedicated to empowering black business owners in Northeast Florida. At BOBSJAX, we believe in the strength of connection, collaboration, and community. Our mission is to build bridges and bridge gaps, fostering an environment where entrepreneurs thrive and contribute to the vibrant economic landscape of Northeast Florida. Make your dreams a reality with Black Jax Connect! Get in touch and start experiencing the difference. Get inspired by the resilience and creativity of black owned businesses. Learn how they’re redefining entrepreneurship and making a difference.

BOBSJAX is an organization that helps Black Owned Businesses in NE Florida and SE Georgia grow. With over 11.6K members, BOBSJAX has helped its members generate millions of dollars in sales over the last 8 years.

Our annual Northeast Florida Expo is a flagship event that brings together entrepreneurs, professionals, and community members. It serves as a platform for networking, showcasing innovative products and services, and creating opportunities for collaboration. The Expo is more than an event; it’s a celebration of the diverse talents and enterprises that make up BOBSJAX.

Shawana “SynSha” Boyer is the Founder of Black Owned Businesses in Jacksonville, Florida and a Realtor who helps families manifest their dreams.  The BOBSJAX group has amassed a large following of business owners. From City Officials, Attorneys, Doctors, Beauty Specialists, Boutique Owners, Non-profits and so much more.  

Shawana & her team does the group’s advertising, marketing, pop-ups, etc. She has a heart to help others and has been the backbone of BOBSJAX for 8 years without asking its members for any financial support. Now we have birthed this platform to expose BOBSJAX to the nation. We are not just a group we are a community filled with love to support others. Black Jax Connect is your key to achieving dreams. Reach out today for an unrivaled journey towards success. Black Jax Connect today and make your dreams a reality. Get in touch now for a future you’ve always envisioned.

Not only will become a GLOBAL directory of black-owned businesses in NE Florida and SE Georgia, but we will also provide educational resources, valuable exposure, networking opportunities, mentorship, and more. We are here to educate and empower people. LIST YOUR BUSINESS WITH US!

Stay tuned for our upcoming BOBSJAX Northeast Florida Expo coming September 28, 2024. Secure your tickets or booths under events.  

Our Mission Statement

At BOBSJAX, our mission is to foster a dynamic ecosystem that uplifts, empowers, and celebrates Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in Jacksonville. We are committed to providing a platform that amplifies their voices, connects them with opportunities, and cultivates a sense of community. Unleash your potential with Black Jax Connect! Realize your dreams by getting in touch today. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to drive economic growth, inspire innovation, and create lasting impact within our city. Together, we build bridges that strengthen businesses, enhance networks, and pave the way for collective success.” 

Shawana Boyer of the Northeast Florida Expo

On “Legacy of Leaders,” Jamar Suber welcomes outstanding leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice, personal experiences and tips for business leaders and aspiring leaders. This week, Jamar sits down with Shawana Boyer of the Northeast Florida Expo.

The Founder

Shawana Boyer Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Realtor with Dream Big Realty of Jax, a mother, a wife, the owner, and creator of SynSha’ Fashions & was one of the first to create a mobile boutique in Jacksonville Fl.  She is also the Founder of Black Owned Businesses Jacksonville (BOBSJAX) FB group that has over 11.6K partners.  Shawana prides herself in helping business owners to reach their full potential and providing them a platform to be discovered by others. If you are looking for any services or products, BOBSJAX can definitely assist you.

Shawana is on a mission to help families MANIFEST their dreams by providing them the KEYS to their dream homes or commercial properties. I’ve served over 25 years in the Northeast Florida market and helped so many people accomplish their goals.  A native of Sanford, Fl (Central Florida) and residing in Jacksonville, you get the best of both worlds. Looking to relocate to or in the state of Florida, contact Shawana.

Shawana Boyer is the Published Author of “Who is She” The Unseen Sides of Every Woman, & “The Steps of Pivoting Like A Pro” plus more books online under her digital shop.

She is a 2024 Best Boss Nominee for Best Realtor in Northeast Florida, Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2024 Women of Influence nominee.

She is one of the Top 20 Under 40 Recipients in Jacksonville, FL with Black Pages South in 2016, she is Mrs. Corporate America Pageant regional title holder Mrs. Jacksonville 2019.  She is the 2019 winner of the Civil Scarlet and Media Awards for MCA pageant.  She holds the title as Ms. World International Premier 2019, Mrs. Florida World International 2019-2020, and will be in TV production on a show titled “Queen of the Crowned”.   She received Best Boutique awards from Best Society Organization and MS. B Production in 2019. She received Best Event of the Year for Pretty Pearls & Clutches.  She has a host of other accomplishments she achieved throughout her personal and professional career. 

Her platform is  Pretty Pearls EmpowerHer Alliance, Inc. (a non-profit organization)  where she utilizes her fashion empowerment and business skills to instill leadership qualities in women.

As a former educator in Duval County Public Schools, Shawana has taught business courses in graphic design, computer, and career services. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and does her best to give back to her alma mater, Edward Waters University. When she isn’t working Shawana loves to spend time with her family, mentoring teens, and traveling abroad to meet new people and experience different cultures.

Connect with Shawana Boyer at

“I was born to be involved in fashion and the love of it keeps me abreast of the latest trends,” said Shawana. “My eye for fashion allows me to assist others to continue looking fashionably fly.”  In 2006, Shawana was given the opportunity to host Source Magazine fashion show. This experience led her to plan and showcase multiple fashion shows of her own.

 In December 2018, Shawana launched her first fashion empowerment brunch entitled, “Pretty Pearls and Clutches” which she hosts annually in multiple cities across the states.  It’s more than just a brunch, it’s a movement to bring awareness to women who faced difficulties to talk about the “unseen sides” life struggles, broken pieces we have faced. This event will also bring women together who love fashion, who aspires to be business owners and empower them all in one place. She is a dynamic leader who is very determined to accomplish anything she sets out to do.

“From a Fashion Mogul to a Real Estate Professional.” 

Community, Connection & Collaboration

Building Bridges and Bridging Gaps

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